Monday, August 31, 2015

Vacation Post 1

Hey guys, Wren here. I'm back from visiting my cousins! Callie, Penny, Chloe and I have a lot to show you guys. We had so much fun stuff happen! Today though I'm just going to tell you about getting to Callie's house and getting our sisters back.

This is me Thursday morning:
My mom and dad drove me and my brothers ALL the way over to my Auntie and Uncle's house. It wasn't that long of a trip but I was SO excited that it seemed like it took all day!
You should have been waiting here!! I thought they were driving BACKWARD they were going so slowly!!  -Callie

After we got settled and the boys ran off to play, Callie's mom took us girls out for lunch.
We went to Red Robin (LOL) I had chicken strips but Callie had this giant burger! Then we did a little bit of shopping. I got new sunglasses!

Friday morning Callie and I got up extra early!
Almost before the sun. Because we were headed to Dallas!! Matching Batman shirts FTW!

Callie and I played with our dolls in the back seat.
This drive really did take all morning but we were having so much fun playing with Sadie and Julie that before we knew it we were in Texas:
And a little while after that we hit Dallas.

It was a really pretty city. I liked all the big glass buildings!
Callie really liked that all the bridges were decorated. Some had stars on them. It was pretty cool!

Finally we were at the place we were supposed to meet Aunt Aggie and the little girls!

It seemed like we had to wait FOREVER but just a few minutes later look who showed up:
Penny and Chloe!

Penny is the one wearing the hat:
She and Callie look so much a like!
HI everybody! I am Penelope the Magnificent, magician.... Magnificent doesn't work. Prodigious? -Penny

And this is my little sister Chloe:
No those aren't her real bangs :P I was so glad to see her! Chloe is my best friend in the whole world other than Callie!
Ummmm excuse me Sis! But just because my bangs aren't always attached to my head doesn't mean they're not mine :P -Chloe

We all decided we wanted to go shopping at this special girls' place Aunt Aggie owns. She sells really nice dolls and clothes for the dolls and girls! But to get there we had to go up this super scary ramp thing!
I was really afraid someone was going to go down it while we were trying to go up!

We made is safely though. Here is me and Callie in front of a big picture.
Callie ended up getting that dress!

We didn't take a lot of pictures (we were too busy catching up!) but there were lots of girls modeling clothes. This one even had a dog with her!
Chloe almost got that outfit. She liked the sparkly shorts but in the end she got other things!
Sparkles are bae! -Chloe
After shopping the grownups decided to treat us to a really nice lunch! I couldn't believe we got to eat somewhere so fancy:
Look at the lights!
I felt like a STAR - Chloe
This was the fanciest place ever! It was like eating in an opera house! -Callie
And the ceilings were HUGE -Penny

Even the bathrooms were extra fancy!

We all got strawberry lemonade and two forks. Can you believe that?!
They even gave us fancy bread and butty while we waiting for our food!

We all decided to get BLTs and Italian soup! It was a real ladies' lunch.
I think that was the fanciest meal I've ever had. I know I felt really grown up!

When we were all done with lunch we went on to have a lot of other adventures before we went back to Callie's house. But those are stories for different posts, and I'm not the only one who is going to tell you about them!

I do want to show you guys what we all got at the store though! Penny got this doll:
Her name is Addy and I'm sure that Penny will tell you all about her later.

Penny also got a purple hoodie and grey pants with blue stars!
She's going to look really good in that!

Callie already has a doll so she just got clothes.
She bought a grey, shimmery skirt, a sparkly, pink sweater and puple ankle boots!

Chloe got a doll too:
Her name is Rebbecca and she wants to be a movie star just like my sister!
Here I come world! I hope you're ready!! -Chloe
Chloe also got a sparkly pink dress, a purple sweater with dots:
And sparkly blue shoes!

Now I don't have a doll from Aunt Aggie's yet. But that's because the one I want wasn't going to come out till after we got home from vacation! That's okay though. I still have Sadie and I didn't feel left out!
I still got a brand new outfit! I got a pair of silver pants, a red shirt with the name of the store on it and silver tennies! It was a REALLY fun time! But our vacation posts aren't over yet.

Penny and Chloe are really excited to introduce themselves and we've all got more awesome stuff to show you! I hope you guys are ready to see.


P.S.  Guys! Guess what was in my room when I got home!!
It's my brand new doll! I'll tell you all about her later!

  1st Outfit
    Shirt: Batman shirt from The Beach Shack
    Skirt: Springfield Collection
    Hat: AG Tee, Shorts, Hat and Bracelet Set
    Shoes: AG Julie's Tunic Outfit
  2nd Outfit
    Shirt: AG Dallas Store Tee
    Skirt: AG Sparkle Sweater Outfit
    Shoes: AG Kit's BeForever Reporter Outfit
  1st Outfit
    Tank: My Life As
    Overalls: Our Generation Garden Variety Outfit
  2nd Outfit 
    Shirt: Batman shirt from The Beach Shack
    Leggings: Our Generation Mad About Plaid
    Boots: Saige's Meet Boots
    Hair Flower: Michael's
  3rd Outfit
    Shirt: Flash Shirt from SewFunDollClothes 
    Shorts: Our Generation Play It Cool
    Shoes: AG Heelies
  1st Outfit
     Shirt: AG Sequined Star Tee
     Pants: AG Starry Hoodie Outfit
     Hat: AG Tweed Driver's Cap
     Shoes: AG Flamingo Beach Dress
  2nd Outfit
     Shirt: OG Play It Cool
     Pants: OG Dream On
     Hair Flower: Michael's
    Shoes: AG Caroline's Meet Outfit
  1st Outfit
    Shirt: AG Sequined Star Tee
    Pants: AG
    Shoes: Truly Me Blue Flats
  2nd Outfit
    Dress set: Our Generation Spring In My Step
    Shoes: Kit's Original Meet Shoes


Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hey guys, Wrennie here! Sorry everything is so dark today. I'm actually getting ready to go to bed.
But before I do that I have to pack! Tomorrow morning my brothers and I are going over to Callie's house. Our parents are going on a vacation and so we kids get to stay with our cousins for like 6 whole days! Even better? Callie and I get to go to Texas on Friday and guess who is coming back with us. Penny and Chloe!! We can't wait to see them!

Back to packing!
So there is almost everything I'm bringing with me.

I've got all my favorite shirts:
Plus my favorite pants and leggings!

My most comfy shoes:
We're going to be doing a lot of explorting!

A hat to keep the sun off my nose:
 I like my freckles but I don't really want more.

Then I got some shampoo and a first aid kit. Like I said lots of exploring. I bet one of us ends up with a scraped knee or something!
And, of course, I didn't forget my tooth brush or my favorite mouthwash!

All that goes in my big bag but I'm also packing a little purse. What goes in there?
A water bottle, my sunglasses, and Batman! I'm also bringing a magazine to read on the trip to Aunt Aggie's and a take notes in.

Now I'm all ready to go:
I can't wait to get going! It's going to be a really fun trip and I'm so excited to spend time with Callie and to see Chloe again. We're going to do so much cool stuff. Don't worry, we're going to share it all with you guys. It's going to be 6 whole days of playing and checking out cool old historical stuff and exploring parks AND we're totally going to try and see the world's largest peanut!!

I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight!
But I better try :)


    Shirt: AG
    Shorts: Springfield Collections Soccer Outfit

    Earrings: AG Grace's earrings

Friday, August 14, 2015

Postcard Exchange!

Hi everybody, Callie here!! And look, I got mail!

With permission, I got to participate in a postcard exchange that Lissie and Lilly were hosting. Everyone sent in postcards, and then we got a stack of postcards in exchange from all over the country and the world. Getting mail was really exciting and fun.

There isn't any way I could share all of them but I did pick a few!

I have actually been here! It was a fun trip :)

This one is from my friends Elyse, Zoe, and Gracie... Elyse and I look a lot alike so I was happy to see mail from her at her school.

And this is from Kit-Kat!

These are from Yoliza and Yukari!

And Josefina and Kailey (I know a Kailey too!) and their person, and Marisol and Margarita.

This one is from Inky

and this one is from Kanani and her friends in Washington!

Which one was mine? The driller from Oklahoma!

I got so many postcards! I'm really happy with this experience. I'm trying to come up with the best way ever to put my postcards in an album (which I'll show off on here when it's done) but I have a lot going on this week and next so I don't have much time to work on it... what is going on? You'll find out really, really soon!



Necklace: homemade

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hi everybody, it's Callie!

We were nominated for an award about a week ago by Ellie over at On the Other Side of Reality! Today we thought we'd answer the questions really quick!


1. Answer the ten questions.
2. Leave ten questions of your own.
3. Nominate ten people for the award.

Well, we don't really know ten people yet, so if you want to do this please go ahead and do that and then link back to your responses in our comments so we can check out your blog!

Here are the questions that Ellie asked us and our ten questions! My answers are in blue and Wrennie's are in red :) 

1. Out of all your beliefs, which do you believe in the most?
-I believe that everyone has a story and that no one should ever assume that they know someone else's.
-Hmm, well. I believe that people should get to live in a way that makes them happy. As long as they're not hurting anyone!
2. Describe the room you're in right now.
-I'm in my bedroom! It's circus themed, so it's painted in red and off-white stripes like a tent, and there are a lot of trains and circus animals all around. There's also trapezes hanging from the ceiling! Not to swing from though.
-I'm in my room too! It used to be painted like a forest but now it's painted yellow and I have lots of posters from movies and all my favorite comics on the wall!
3. Are you currently wearing socks?
-Nope! Not even wearing shoes right now!

4. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
-Dinner, I think! I like all foods but dinner at my house is always really lively and we have a lot of company (my family!) which is fun!
-Lunch! I love chili-cheese dogs.
5. Watching a play or performing in it?
-Watching! I love to perform but don't really want to be an actress so I'd prefer to sit this one out.
-I also say watching! Acting is Chloe's thing. 
6. Do you often wear skirts?
-Yeah! A little more than half the time.
-Almost never. It's not that I don't like them, I'm just always doing stuff and skirts get in my way!
7. What's your current hairstyle?
-A high ponytail. 
-A french twist braid.
8. What irritates you?
-Unwelcome judgment. Sometimes people who don't even know they're being judgey can come across as judgey.
9. Fiction or nonfiction?
-I'll read anything! I like fiction the best but I also really like biographies.
-Both, but right now I'm mostly reading fiction. 
10. Favorite snack food?
-Ummm I'm gonna have to go with honey roasted peanuts on this one. Or ice cream!
-Loaded fries! Or maybe veggies and ranch.

And our questions:
1. What's your favorite sport? Or your favorite hobby, if you don't play sports?
2. Dogs or cats?
3. Have you ever eaten from a food truck? What's your favorite one? 
4. What's your favorite game?
5. Can you describe your style?
6. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
7. What is your favorite toy?
8. What is one thing you would change about the world if you could?
9. How long have you ever gone without sleep?
10. What is your favorite subject in school?

Thanks again Ellie! We love this kind of stuff!

Callie & Wrennie

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Paper Dolls

Hey guys, Wrennie here!  I'm usually a pretty sporty girl, but I still really like dolls. Especially paper dolls and a while ago I got some new ones! Two whole books full:
Both books have really interesting stories.

Godey's Fashions come from a magazine from the 1800's called Godey's Lady's Book. It had stuff like book reviews, poetry, recipes and sheet music. Another thing that was in this magazine is "hand-tinted color plates of French dresses." All of these dresses for my paper dolls were in the magazine sometime I think. The magazine would print pictures of all the latest fashions and include patterns so women could make their own dresses!

The two paper dolls are Eleanor and Marie:

The second book is called Antique Paper Dolls of the 1890's and all these dresses (and the dolls too) are reproductions of  paper dolls from the Boston Children's Museum. I really want to go there. Back in the 1890's a news paper called the Boston Herald started printing paper dolls and clothing every Sunday. The blonde lady was first (she was printed on March 24, 1895) and then the lady with the brown hair (June 16, 1895.)
They don't have names so my sister and I named them after us. The blonde lady is Mia and the lady with the brown hair is Chloe! The paper dolls were for kids but also for women. They could see all the latest fashions from the dolls! It's really neat to think that my sister and I are playing with the same paper dolls that kids were playing with like 120 years ago.

There are so many dresses that I can't show you guys ALL of them but Chloe and I picked out some our favorites to show you. Here are some wedding dresses:


I really like this one:
  And the green one here:
Chloe always likes the ones with the biggest ruffles and lots of fancy stuff. She really like the pink one up there and this one:

From the Children's Museum book we both really like these two:
 Especially the one with the flowers on the top:
It looks really cool!

Chloe likes the striped one. She says it looks like candy:
I really like all the ones with activities. Like the Bicycle costume and the swimming one down here:
Doesn't that look just like Samanth's bathing suit?

Both books have a lot of hats but this one is my favorite:
It has a teeeeeny anchor!

Before we could play with any of this stuff though I had to cut them all out:
 And boy did that take me a long time!
There were 16 dresses in the first book and 30 in the second one!

But finally I got them all cut out and now I get to show everyone! In the Godey's book each doll had her own wardrobe. Here is Eleanor's:
She got 8 dresses and 9 hats/hair things.

Chloe and I picked our very favorite dress for each doll. Mine for Eleanor is this brown one:
And Chloe's is the green! One cool thing about Godey's book is that all the dresses have detailed descriptions. Which I'm going to copy for you now!

My favorite for Eleanor is: "An alpaca dress, appearing in 1863, reveals the voluminous shape produced by the crinoline. A floral design enlivens the somber tone of the gown. The dress is belted by a tasseled cord. A pumpkin-colored cravat accentuates the high neck and similarly colored puffed under-sleeves peek out from the wide sleeves of the gown. A lace-trimmed headpiece, topped with a bow, finishes the outfit."

Chloe's says: "This silk grenadine dress appeared in 1872. The dress falls nearly straight to the ground, except for the slight gathering where the trim appears. An elaborate, lace-edged tunic with bow epaulets and slit sleeves adds drama to the simple gown. A jeweled pendant choker and matching bracelet; a simple hair ornament; and a more elaborate, feathered hat accessorize the costume." The book says that grenadine is fine mesh fabric that was used in summer! I didn't know that!

Here is Marie's wardrobe:
She got 8 dresses and 12 hats/hair things!

This time we'll do Chloe's favorite first! She really likes the green one:
Because of the fancy shawl and I really like the red one! (Red is my favorite color!)

Chloe's says: "An acid-green summer suit (1864) is accented with intricate embroidery, which appears as well on the sleeves. The fringed shawl has a floral pattern. The high-necked, buttoned bodice is topped by a bow tie. An acid-green hat fancifully decorated with a bird, as well as a simple black headpiece, accessorize the costume." Can you imagine wearing all that in the summer?! I bet it would weigh a ton!

My favorite says: "This rust-red poplin walking suit of 1867 consists of a guardsman-style bodice with turned-back coattails, revers (lapels), and tassel trim; an overskirt, also with turned-back edges; and an underskirt with gathered trim. The turned-back edges reveal the dark lining of the costume; a striped pattern decorates the edges. A high necked striped blouse can be glimpsed beneath the bodice. A small hat and a hairband with a bow accessorize the outfit."

Now for the Children's Museum dolls! Here are Mia and Chloe all cut out:
These two get to share all their clothes and they came with a ton! There are 30 dresses plus hats so I need a bunch of pictures to show them all to you:
WOW right?

We decided that we couldn't just pick one or two so we each pick our favorite three. These are mine: 
The first one is a Ladies' Bicycle Costume from June 30, 1895. The second one with the racquet is a Ladies' Outing Suit from May 12, 1895, and the last one is the Ladies' Bathing Suit I showed you guys earlier. I like these three because it showed how much stuff girls had to wear to go outside and do stuff! I don't even know how you would ride a bike in all those skirts but I guess people did it. And that's really neat!

Chloe's favorites are these three:
She took forever to pick! The first one is a Ladies' Concert Toilette from February 9, 1896 . (Toilette isn't where you go potty by the way. It just means like dress or like dressing yourself.) The second one is a Ladies' Princess Toilette from January 19, 1896, and the last one is an Opera Cloak from October 27, 1895! They're all super fancy, a lot like my sister.

I hope you guys like these dolls as much as I do! I know Chloe and I really had a good time with them.
Oh and you're probably wondering why you haven't seen my sister yet! Well Chloe and Penny (Callie's little sister) have been visiting our Auntie Aggie in Texas. I'm sure they've been doing all sorts of things that they'll want to tell you about, but you have to wait till we go get them in a couple of weeks. Chloe and I fight sometimes but I really miss her and I can't wait to see her again....don't tell her I said that :P


    Shirt and pants: Springfield Collection Asymmetric Tank Top & Blue Leggings
    Shoes: Springfield Collection Black and White Tennies
    Earrings: AG Fresh and Fun Earrings