Wednesday, July 22, 2015

go team USA!!

Hi everybody, Callie here with something new to show you!

Those of us who like to tumble in my family got a package the other day... from my dad! LOL. (Yes, my parents are married and live together, and really I guess it was mail for him but it had our names on it...) Which is actually a lot of us. We're all really energetic and since tumbling gave me something to focus all of that energy on, my parents put all of my brothers and sisters in tumbling too and we all like it some! But we've found other things to do too!

Anyway! I decided to model mine for you!

It's a team USA gymnastics set! Can I just say that I LOVE it? It came with a jacket, a pair of pants, and a leotard, all made of the same fabric, and also a hair tie, hand guards, a medal from London, and a pair of slippers.

And here is my leotard! And shoes.

It zips up the back and has USA printed on it, and rhinestones on the blue part.

Here it is with my pants over. My mom says it makes me look super buff. I don't think I've ever been called buff before!! The pants are blue, with a white stripe going down the outside of each leg, an elastic waist and USA printed on the pants. They go really well with the leotard and they fit really nicely.

Here are the slippers. They are kind of hard soled but they're good slippers! (They aren't my favorites. My favorite pair came with this leotard.)

And my hand grips! These protect your palms when you're on the bars and stuff. I... don't really use grips every time; please don't tell my coach! In class and stuff I do if I have to but if I'm flipping at home then I don't. Anyway these are pretty cool grips!

And here is my jacket! It's probably my favorite part. There's a thin blue stripe where the arm connects to the body. Here are a couple of closeups of the awesome!

I love every part of it so much! This is basically the best outfit ever you guys!

Sorry for such a weird post, but I just had to share! I hope you guys all enjoyed it and if you are a gymnast too then please let me know about your favorite leotard too! 


Everything from here!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DC Swag

Hey guys, Wrennie here! Long time no see. Did everyone have a good 4th of July? I know I did. Lots of fun and pretty lights!
I bet you're wondering why I'm standing next to this stack of stuff! Well today I'm going to show you my whole action figure (and other comic stuff) collection!

I have three Funko Pops!
I match one of them today :D

This is Funko Pop Flash:

Then I have the Joker Batman and an unmasked Batman!
I think they're super cute! They even have the little spikey things and their gauntlets:
Cool right?

I have three Red Hood action figures:
The one on the top is Red Hood from the comic Red Hood and the Outlaws and then the bottom two are from that new Batman game that came out that I'm not allowed to play till I'm older.......sigh.

Next up are Nightwing and Red Robin!
Nightwing isn't actually an action figure! He's a Kotobukiya statue! He's really really pretty. Red Robin is pretty cool too, but not as shiny.

Then I have Catwoman and Surf's Up Batman:
They're from the old old TV show. I am allowed to watch that! Why is Catwoman on the higher box?

Because she's QUEEN that's why!

Next is one of my two favorite non-bat people. Arsenal!
He's soooooo cool!

And last but not least is my super favorite! My Batman!
He was my very first Batman and a gift from my auntie! He goes with my everywhere.

Do you see this face?
This face means BUSINESS!

Here I am with all of them:
I think I need to get some more shelves!

I have one more cool thing to show you. It's this big poster thing:
It's a blown up cover of Detective Comics 587 and it's taller than me!

That's all for today! Hope you liked seeing all of my action figures and stuff. I really had a lot of fun showing you everything!
p.s. My cousin Merlin took this picture because he said I looked awesome in my new Flash shirt!


    Shirt: From SewFunDollClothes
    Pants: My Life As Capris 4 Me Set
    Skates: OG Hip to be Square
    Earrings: AG Grace's Heart Earrings