Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hi everybody! I have really exciting news! I'm making a quilt!

Well, I'm going to. I haven't started it yet. BUT I'm going to! Which is awesome, because my mom can quilt, and my grandmas could, and my great-grandmas could... so I've always wanted to learn but I haven't quite been ready enough. There's a quilt-a-long that's two blocks a month (I think) so I'll be posting lots of pictures of my blocks in progress and stuff.

The other day Wrennie told you it was raining and I was working on a project... well, I was sewing. Not quilts though! Clothes! I don't know if you guys know this (well how could you since I've only ever posted one time) but I don't like to be idle. Reading is as still as I get! So when it was raining the other day I decided to make a quick t-shirt and a skirt.

And today I got to wear it! It's finally sunny outside. My t-shirt and skirt cost me a whole grand total of 75 cents. Isn't that awesome? I celebrated by playing with my favorite doll outside.

Which is my American Girl doll Julie! I love her clothes! She's always so bright and cheerful looking AND her best friend is a gymnast which I think is really cool. I really love Ivy too but they retired her before I got to get her (otherwise I probably would have gotten her). I'll probably talk about her books later on but that's later on! For today we just went for a walk and explored some.

Do you guys do any crafts?


First photo:
Jacket, shirt, skirt, and hair clip: OG Jeans Can Come True
Shoes: AG Saige's Sweater Outfit

Second photo:
Hair clip: OG Jeans Can Come True
Shirt: handmade [from a shirt at goodwill]
Skirt: handmade [from an old pair of jeans]
Shoes: OG Let's Motor

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wrennie's Rainy Day Must Haves

Hey everyone, Wrennie here!

I don't know what it's like where you guys are but it's been cold and rainy here today. Mom says spring is coming soon and April showers bring May flowers or something like that. But I told her it was still March......
Anyway, Callie is busy working on a project right now. So I've decided to share with you my favorite things to get me through a rainy day!

First thing tea!
We have a small collection of tea pots at home, but this one is my favorite to drink out of. I always feel like a lady! I'm having Caramel Apple Dream tea today because I've been told I don't need anymore caffeine. I don't mind really because this tea is SO good.

Second a good book!
 Mom is reading a book about a horse named Seabiscuit and I'm reading The Haunted Opera! ~Spooky! Maybe I'll tell you about it after I finish.

 Next is a snack!
We made rice crispy treats for my uncle's birthday yesterday! We have left overs :D

And finally a snuggly, warm blanket and a comfy couch.
There! Now I'm all ready to enjoy my afternoon. I hope you guys liked my list of rainy day must haves and are having a great day yourselves!


Top - My Twinn Love & Peace Pajamas
Hoodie - My Life As
Earrings - Fresh and Fun Earrings 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hi everyone!

Hi, everybody! Gosh, I guess that introducing us starts off with me since I'm the oldest (but not by much)! My name is Calliope! Calliope Raven, but you can call me Callie. (Or Raven, or Rae if that's what you prefer, but most people just go with Callie.) And WELCOME.... to Isn't She Dovely? It's a play on a Stevie Wonder song. Do you guys like Stevie Wonder?

You might be wondering why! Well, I'm the barely-oldest of four AND my cousin Wrennie (who you'll meet in a minute) is also the oldest of four and we all have bird names! Isn't that cool? All of the girls have bird names as middle names and all of the boys have bird names as first names. I have a younger brother named Finch (he's SUPER nice), a sister named Penelope (you'll meet her eventually!) and another brother named Merlin (he's also super nice but also really serious).

I'm a gymnast and an aerialist AND I take flying trapeze classes. With my brother Finch! I want to be in the circus... can you tell? There's a lot that you have to do though, it's not like in the books where you can REALLY just run away and join the circus. I have a ton of friends and I bet you'll be meeting all of them here eventually. You'll be meeting my very best BEST friend here just as soon as I stop babbling! Let's see... what else can I tell you about me? I like to travel and I love to read anything, and my favorite food is goulash. There! Oh! And the biggest best thing that Wrennie and I have in common is that we are both really REALLY big Batman fans! And Robin fans! We have different favorite Robins though. My favorite is the first Robin, who's Nightwing now. He's why I want to be in the circus and why the trapeze classes--but don't worry, I know how much hard work it is and I don't expect life to be like a comic book.

I'm really excited to join the blogging world and I hope to make some new friends! My family says I'd make friends with anybody so don't feel shy, say hi! I'm going to turn this over to Wrennie now!(PS - In future posts you'll get better pictures than just us sitting around in the grass, I swear, but we just want to say hi first!)

LOL Callie! This is why my mom says I was born so soon after her. So she'd have someone to babble at even as a baby :P
Hi everyone! My name is Mia Wren, but everyone calls me Wrennie! I'm the second oldest in the family. I was born almost exactly a month after Callie. I have three younger siblings. First is Sparrow. He's my very best friend next to Callie! He's really nice but he likes to pretend to be tough.

I also have a little sister named Chloe that you'll probably be meeting soonish. She wants to be an actress so she's VERY dramatic but super funny! And last, but not least, is my littlest brother Egret. We all just call him Egg! He's the quietest of all of us and really shy, but he's super smart.

I'm a bit of a tomboy and I love to hang out with my dad. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up but I know it's going to be something amazing! I play hockey and I do some figure skating. I also am getting into karate and I'm learning to skateboard. Though I'm not very good at either yet! I love to read. My dad always says that reading is the best thing you can do for your brain so I read A LOT.

Callie is right, I do love Batman too. My favorite Robin is the second one: Jason Todd aka The Red Hood! Mom and I go get comics every other week. The store is a little far from my house. I collect Batman action figures and statues! I still need a Red Robin and a Robin before I have all the batboys represented. I'm also a pretty big Catwoman fan!

Callie says I should tell you what you might see here. So ummm, we're planning on doing interviews of our friends and some surprise guests. Book reviews, maybe even comic reviews! There will be some general wackiness and craftiness. And maybe some sports discussion? This blog is kind of a junk drawer of our lives!

I'm really excited to be doing this with my bff /cousin. I hope everyone likes us and that we do a good job! We'll see you soon!

Callie & Wrennie

Dress and shoes - AG Talent Show Set
Hairbow - repurposed!
Bracelet - AG Tee, Shorts, Hat and Bracelet Set

Dress and shoes - School Stripes Dress
Earrings: Fresh and Fun Earrings