Friday, January 22, 2016

sister time aka MY DISASTER

Hey guys, it's Penny! I know that we are still in the middle of posts about cool things we do together, but I kind of realized... you don't know me all that well yet. Well, other than what I said, about gymnastics and high wire and magician. Which is cool! 

But the other night, well, I needed some sister time so I went straight to the best one! 

My sister Callie! She was doing homework and browsing on the internet in her room when I asked to come in. 

She said of course! And scooted over on her bed to make room for me. She even let me hold her Robin pillow, because she said I looked sad. And she's right, I was. 

Even Ringling stopped to pay attention! We're not usually very sad people. 

"It was really bad, Callie," I said. "In fact, this whole day stunk." I told her all about how I couldn't get my violin to tune at school, and how I forgot my math book and had to go back and it almost made me late for my wire practice and THEN, the worst part of all... I fell. I fell off my wire!! :(

Callie was really nice about it though. First she asked if I was hurt, which of course not. Then, she said that everybody falls sometimes... even she falls sometimes, and she's the oldest one! (Well, she doesn't do tightrope walking, but she does trapeze with our brother Finch, and she falls sometimes, I guess.) 

Callie was really the one who started our whole circus kick anyway, by accident, so hearing her say that made me feel a lot better right away. Our parents wanted to put her into a fun activity so she could hang out with other kids her age so they picked gymnastics. She really liked it,  and they really liked the teacher and the gym, so when Finch (and then me, and then Merlin...) were old enough, my parents say that we really wanted to play too so they let us. By the time I got there, Callie and Finch had heard from someone about flying trapeze, and after making sure it was safe, our dad let them start taking classes. And then we all followed along... and it's all acrobatics, of a sort... Merlin is a contortionist, you guys. 

And then Callie said something really off the wall!! She said that she bets at my age, Bird Millman fell too sometimes! But that didn't stop her from being a really really amazing high wire walker! 

Ringling was like what did you say?!?! 

She was all I SAID EVEN BIRD MILLMAN FELL SOMETIMES!! And then we started giggling. 

I felt a lot better after getting it off my chest, so I was glad to give my big sister a hug and tell her thanks for listening to me. Falling isn't something that happens to me a lot, but I'm not perfect and I am still young and learning. I think it's a good thing to I should probably get all my falling out now, before I start walking between buildings and stuff which is a lot more dangerous. (I'm going to be famous one day, you'll see.) 

OH!! and one more thing, our brother Merlin, who's usually our photographer, got an instagram! It's here if you want to check it out! We're really proud!

Is anyone else super close to their siblings or is it just me?



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Friday, January 8, 2016

Old Friends and New

Hey everyone, this is Wrennie! Hope you guys had a great Christmas. We did, we also moved to a new house after the 5K so we've been super busy.

But you know we did something else that weekend too! We went to a cave:
Well kind of, it's a man made cave out of cement. Pretty cool huh?

Chloe wasn't so sure about going in.

The inside was way too dark to get a lot of pictures, but I got a few:

It was pretty!

The whole area was really pretty! There was a lake and lots of trees:

And so we decided to meet some friends there!
Top: Zia, Nani, Callie, Chloe, Me! Bottom: Addy, Penny and Anne!

My hair was so bouncy. -Chloe
You have gravity defying pig tails! -Penny

It was really really good to see Zia and Anne again!
I hadn't gotten to play with them in a really long time. I think they missed me a little!

Penny and Nani became really fast friends:
They hung out all day!
We had a lot to talk about and she's really nice! -Penny

Zia was really excited to meet my sister:

We spent all day playing together!

Callie and Addy became good friends too!

We had a lot in common! I told her all about my dolls too :) - Callie

Course I had to get a picture with my sister:
 And my BFF!

 Addy, Zia, Anne, and Nani brought some teeny friends too:
 We spent a lot of time taking pictures and playing with them.
 Aren't they SO cute!?

After we played and explored Chloe wanted us to do photo shoots. Merlin was busy with our dads but we did pretty good!
Glamour shots! -Chloe

Here is Anne:

And Penny:
 This one is my favorite! Penny you look like you're about to do something you shouldn't! -Chloe
Because I AM about to do something I shouldn't!! - Penny

Then we took Nani's pictures:

And Chloe:
 I was kind of too busy posing everyone else to get too many taken! -Chloe
They're so pretty though! I love the second one of you. - Penny

Addy looked really good in her dress:

And then there is me:
 My pretty big sis! Love you -Chloe

I love how pretty Zia looks:

But of course Callie took the best pictures!
  This one is my very favorite! We took it in this big fake tree thing.

 She can't help but be photogenic! -Chloe
Aw you guys are making me blush! -Callie

We had the best day with our friends! The new ones and the old ones. We've moved a little too far away to see them all the time but I bet we'll see them again sometime soon. I'm really glad that Callie and Penny and Chloe liked everyone! I know I did. Nani and Addy are really sweet and fun and Zia and Anne are two of my favorite girls! Love you guys!

Well I hope you guys liked all our pictures! And stay warm, it snowed a bunch today!


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