Some of our friends!

Hey there! Want to know a little bit about our friends, that might show up on our blog from time to time? This is the best place!!

Kanani, Wrennie's summertime friend and neighbor.

Marisol or more likely Mari, Callie's neighbor who is in dance class around the same time Callie has gymnastics, and who comes over to hang out and discuss routines and training with Callie.
Peyton, a gamer and Whovian who attends school with Callie and Wrennie, who is into the science program and who hopes to be a famous inventor someday. 

Callie's newest neighbor Saila, who recently moved from Nunavut and who enjoys learning about other cultures and teaching about her own.

Eleanor aka Nora, Callie's quiet and reserved neighbor with a flair for poetry, and who is the host sister to Ilona.

Ilona, a mysterious and ethereal girl living with Nora, whose permanent address is in Hungary, or so she says, who never quite seems to be all there physically. 

Penny and Chloe's schoolmates Tess and Sydney aka Syd, recently moved from England, who are fraternal twins and who are 54th and 55th in line for the throne, respectively.

Esther, a quiet and bookish classmate of Chloe and Penny's who writes stories about Sherlock Holmes and Watson, and who is also the heiress to a chain of coffee shops called Brewed Awakenings (though she hates coffee).

Willow, a classmate of Penny and Chloe, and Peyton's little sister, who is into pink and reading and also likes to come over and shoot in the backyard with Penny.

Piper, a beauty queen who goes to school with Penny and Chloe and dance with Chloe, who is ridiculously smart and who competes most weekends in high glitz pageants.

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