Tuesday, May 31, 2016

McAlester, Oklahoma

Hi everybody! Penny here, filling in another post from our vacation over the summer! This one is kind of weird, but since we spent like a whole day on this we thought we'd go ahead and do the post anyway.

From a long, long time ago, my cousin Wrennie did a post about road side attractions. You might remember that we saw the biggest lump of coal, a fallout shelter, and a story about Prisoners of War and a castle they built. Well, that town was McAlester, and we were really there because... well, right here! The Oklahoma State Penetentiary is there! Now, that's not something we would really get to go into, but they were supposed to have a museum about the prison nearby with the actual electric chair (which isn't used anymore) and we really like museums so we wanted to check this one out.

We didn't get to see it, though, because I guess they were moving it but the website wasn't updated yet. We went to where it showed on google maps and it was the right building and everything but it was totally empty. It was also right on the prison grounds, so we got some pictures of it. We didn't get any pictures of my favorite road sign, which said "hitchhikers may be escaped convicts!"
That was a bit of a bummer. -Wrennie
Yeah, but the prison was huge and seeing it was cool! -Chloe

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Great Doll Blog Award!

Hey, everybody! Traci here, big person to Callie & Penny. Mandi and I are writing an entry today because one of our favorite bloggers, Gwen over at A Peek Into The Pantry, nominated us for the Great Doll Blog Award! I am 100% sure that Gwen's blog is already on your to-read list, but if it isn't, you will love it! She takes historical recipes that your favorite AG doll would have eaten, blogs about the history and then makes the food. She takes great pics, too! Thank you for the nomination, Gwen :)

Award Rules:
Thank the person that nominated you.
Answer the questions given to you.
Nominate at least 5 others who you think has a great doll blog.
Notify them that they have an award.
Leave them at least 5 questions to answer.

We nominate Dreaming of Dolls, Jinjia Mixed Goods, The Dolls of 221B, Keiko and Company, and Doll Days Are Over

Our questions:
1. What's your favorite non AG doll in your collection?

Mandi says: A Girl For All Time Matilda (Link)
Traci says:  Jun Planning's "Hello Little Girl" Dal (Link)
2. What do you want the next GotY's theme to be?

Mandi says: science!
Traci says: I'd say science too! Most (if not all) of my army have an interest in science. But archery is a close second (though that would probably be a stretch for AG to do).
3. What would your Meet outfit look like if you were the next AG character?

Mandi says: a Flash t-shirt, jeans, and red converse.
Traci says: I'd be in a bright pink or blue tunic, a multicolored crocheted shawl, jeggings, and my favorite shoes.
4. Which AG outfit would you wear with pride if it came in your size?

Mandi says: This is super hard but Addy's Beforever meet 
Traci says: Julie's summer skirt set! (To be fair I'd wear most of Julie's collection completely un-ironically)
5. If you were in charge of AG, what would be the first change you implemented?

Mandi says: I would expand the historical collection and rotate the retired characters.
Traci says: I'd bring back those molds they've only used once (#4 and Marie-Grace). 

Your questions: 
1. What is your least favorite outfit that AG has ever released?
2. Which AG doll is your grail doll?  
3. Do any of your dolls have a common, shared personality trait? 
4. What's your favorite pet/companion?
5. What is your favorite piece of AG furniture? 

Thanks again Gwen!! This was fun!
-Mandi & Traci