Sunday, April 24, 2016

Photoshoot at the river!

Hey everybody, Callie here!

We have had a few adventures lately that I haven't blogged about at all (sad huh?)

First off, Merlin was getting a few photography lessons about light and using the flash in the middle of the day from our uncle (who is super into photography and also one of Merlin's favorite people) so Penny, Finch, Merlin, and I went with my uncle and two of my friends to the river for some photos.

Isn't it pretty? It was after sunrise but still in the morning.

We took Rory, who's a really fun and smart girl that's in school with me. She's friends with my little brother Finch too, but his school is all boys so he only sees her when she comes over afterward, usually with Trinity. She couldn't come to the river but you will see pictures of her soon. Anyway, we super like Rory! She's been to quite a few places around the world, and traveling is a love that all of us have around here! 

And we took Mari, who needed a day off after all the dancing she's been doing lately! Isn't this blue dress pretty on her? It looked just perfect with her hair, I think. 

Penny went... 

And me! 

Merlin took some pictures of the landscape too because he thought they were pretty cool looking.

It was really green! 

He also took this picture of this purple tree. We're not sure what it is! Do you have any ideas? 

This picture of Penny turned out to be one of my favorites. She's looking at the water but it looks like she's staring off the edge of a cliff or something. (No, she didn't go swimming this time, though we worried!)

Mari went tree climbing! 

Merlin got some pictures of her just sitting too though, since climbing trees and being the only girl in a dress was kind of funny!

I really like this picture of Rory as she works her way through the underbrush.

Penny is beautiful! Merlin really did a good job with this one. I like how she's off-center and you can see the tree roots and stuff behind her.

Merlin picked his favorite of me. He says he likes how blue my eyes look here :) 

We read a little bit (Nancy Drew!!)

We didn't get to stay too long since we were just there for photography purposes and we sort of lost the light after a couple of hours or so, but I did want to share the pictures because it's something fun that we did and I haven't made a post in for-ev-er! Worst blogger in the history of the world, am I right?

School will be out soon and then maybe I will have more time to share our adventures!



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