Name: Calliope "Callie" Raven
Type of doll: MyAG #49
Favorite color: blue
Favorite food: goulash OR chili
Favorite Movie: Robin Hood (Errol Flynn version)
Favorite Book: The Night Circus (contemporary) and Murder on the Orient Express (classic)
Favorite AG Doll: Julie Albright (and Ivy)
Why?: She likes all the brightly colored clothing and has a soft spot for animals like Julie does. Plus Ivy is a gymnast!
Best friend: Mia Wren
Pets: a pomeranian named Ringling 
Personality type: ENFJ
Hogwarts House: Slytherin with Ravenclaw flavor
Favorite past-time: gymnastics, acrobatics, sewing, reading, researching
Hobbies they want to learn: she's learning the flute in school
Three words YOU would use to describe her personality: bubbly, energetic, intelligent
Three words SHE would use to describe her personality: outgoing, caring, optimistic
Favorite Quote: "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou
Personal Hero: Lillian Leitzel, acrobat and basically the best circus star ever
Callie is the oldest child of four and she loves every second of it. She sees it as her sacred duty to watch out for the kids who are younger than her and that includes all of her cousins. She's very giving and generous and loves more than anything to see someone smile. She's ruled by her heart, more than her brain, but can be downright sneaky and cunning when it comes to convincing someone to do something. Fortunately for her siblings, she's very aware of this ability and only uses her powers for good. (A lot of it is used to make her family get plenty of rest and good food when they're sick or hurt.)

Her biggest ambition is to be in the circus when she grows up, and that's kind of how her siblings all ended up following the same sort of path. She is a gymnast (she prefers uneven bars), aerialist and takes flying trapeze classes with her next-oldest brother, Finch. In school, she favors history because she loves to research (especially researching her own family and the things that they went through). She is learning the flute in school.

She has two younger brothers (Finch and Merlin) and a younger sister (Penny).

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