Wednesday, February 17, 2016

At the Rose Garden!

Oh wow, it's my turn again! Hi everyone! This is Chloe!

Today I'm going to tell you all about another cool thing we did this summer. We went to a rose garden!

It's nice to be able to look at the pictures from this summer.
Right now it's chilly and I just remember how warm it was that day!
This picture is kind of awesome, you guys. - Penny

And how green everything was!

I loved walking all the little paths.
We could have gotten lost I think!

And there were so many fountains:

Wrennie tried to go swimming in this one!
Come on Wrennie! Haven't we been swimming enough this summer?? :P - Callie
I did not try and go swimming! I tripped and almost fell in :P -Wrennie
Um, Chloe that tunic looks amazing on you. - Penny

We took some time out to catch a bit of sun:
After putting sunblock on of course!

This is one of my favorite pictures:
Chloe was so excited when she saw the lion. It was pretty cool! -Wrennie
 We look awesome! - Penny
There really weren't a ton of flowers there. I think it's because we weren't in the right season or something, but we finally did find a part with a lot of plants!
We should go back when the roses are in! - Callie

I really liked these orange ones:

I wish I knew what they all were!
I think we need to make a garden like this in our back yard! -Wrennie

Maybe next time we go there will  be tons of roses! But you know we still had such a good time. I really loved wandering around and looking at all the flowers and the fountains. Nothing better than exploring with your favorite crew!!

I can't wait to see what we do next summer!
 Whoops! Forgot to put my shoes back on. -Wrennie


    Shirt: Homemade
    Shorts: AG Sparkly Camp Outfit
    Shoes: Springfield Collection
    Outfit: OG Dream On
     Shirt: OG Dream On 
     Shorts: AG Tee, Shorts, Hat, and Bracelet Set
     Shoes: AG Innerstar U Outfit
     Headband: OG To Our Hearts Content
    Tunic: Homemade
    Leggings: Saige's Sweater Outfit
    Shoes: Truly Me Meet Shoes