Friday, September 25, 2015

Choo Choo! At the park!

Oh gosh, it's my turn! Hey everyone!!
My name is Chloe and this is my very first post!! As you all HAVE to know, me and all my siblings got to spend a whole lot of time with our cousins. It was really really fun. All us girls did tons of cool stuff!

Course you know the rest of the girls:
There is my cousin Callie and my big sister Wren.

And my best friend
AND best cousin: Penny!

We found this super awesome park! It had tons of room so we sat and played for a bit:

We brought all our favorite toys:
You can see my Red Hood and all our dolls and some Calico Critters. My cousins LOVE those!
We have sooo many Batman toys. Guys. We have a problem and that problem is TOO MUCH AWESOME. -Callie

The park had this neat climbing net:
Callie made it the highest but Penny was right behind her!
Course Callie made it the highest! -Wren
And the there were these weird swingy stepping stones:
They were really fun. We kept falling off!
American Ninja Warrior Training Course!! - Penny

Callie and Penny balanced for our picture:

But poor Wrennie had to hold mine for me:
She's an awesome big sister!
Aww, you're pretty awesome too Chloe! -Wren
The best part of the WHOLE park was the train:
Isn't it super cool!?

We got to sit in it and climb everywhere:

Callie said we were a traveling circus going to the big city for our next show!
Penny said we couldn't go anywhere for a show because she didn't have her hat or any of her gear! They're so funny!!
Hey, you can't just find the perfect magician's hat! - Penny

Wren and I just pretended to watch the scenery go by:
There went a cow, and another cow and some hay.......-Wren

But then my Rebecca wanted to go the the very front of the train! 
So we did!

Callie and Penny were waving to all their fans :P
We played there for hours. It was probably my favorite park ever!!
It turns out we know the guy who built it, too! - Callie

But then it was time to go:
We had to head out for our next adventure! Which someone else gets to tell you about. But don't you worry, I'll be back soon!


    Shirt: AG Dallas Store Tee
    Skirt: AG Sparkle Sweater Outfit
    Shoes: AG Kit's BeForever Reporter Outfit
    Shirt: Flash Shirt from SewFunDollClothes 
    Shorts: Our Generation Play It Cool
    Shoes: AG Heelies
     Shirt: OG Play It Cool
     Pants: OG Dream On
     Hair Flower: Michael's
    Shoes: AG Caroline's Meet Outfit
    Dress set: Our Generation Spring In My Step
    Shoes: Kit's Original Meet Shoes

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fun Times at Eufaula Lake!

Hi everybody! I get to introduce myself today, isn't that cool? I'm Penelope, but a lot of people just call me Penny. I'm Callie's younger sister. We have a brother between us (Finch goes between us!) I'm sure that by now you know that we're a family circus. Well, MY job in the circus is the magician and the tightrope/high wire walker. I take gymnastics with my siblings, too. Also, like my big sister and my cousins, I love Batman! And my best best BEST friend in the WHOLE world is my cousin Chloe who you'll meet officially soon, but you've seen pictures of her! 
*I love you too Pen :D -Chloe

On our family vacation, one of the cool things that we got to do was visit Arrowhead State Park, which is on Eufaula Lake. "Eufaula" is the name of a former tribe that's now a part the Muscogee Creek Nation. It's pronounced like You-Fall-Uh.  
-The Muscogee Creek Nation is a confederacy of other tribes which have all come together to make the big nation! Also if you're talking about the city in Oklahoma, it's with a K. Muskogee. But anything tribe-related is with a C, Muscogee. Isn't that neat? :) - Callie

Check out our adventure under the jump!!