Monday, June 22, 2015

Nora brings Ilona to visit! PLUS a fun game!

Hi everybody, Callie here! And for once I don't have a quilt block post! I got to go outside today and my neighbor Nora came over with really interesting and exciting news, but before I get to playing outside... let's talk about playing inside a little bit. 

I don't know about you guys but it's been really, really wet here. I mean we had sand bags and everything because the weather man said 8 and a half inches of rain in one day! And it rained for weeks! So my brothers and sister and I had to entertain ourselves inside. My friend Peyton (remember her?) told me about this new mobile game called Fallout Shelter so I've been playing that and I love it! Do any of you play? I have pictures! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Wren and Kanani Make Candy.....Again!

Hey guys, Wrennie here!
What do you think of my new skates?
I think they're pretty awesome!

While I was out trying out my skates guess who showed up!
It's Kanani! Hey Kanani!

She had some seriously cool hair today:
She said her mom has been watching a lot of Game of Thrones recently and wanted to work on braiding so Kanani volunteered! I think she looks gorgeous!

Kanani and I spent a while playing outside but then she wanted to do another candy kit for you guys! So here we are:
Today we did the Happy Kitchen donut kit from Kracie.

Here is the front of the box:
You can see all the cute donuts you can make! We did okay on the'll see!

And here is the back with all of the instructions:
At least there are lots of pictures?

Inside the box was this pouch:

And here is everything inside the pouch:
We got a tray, an empty bag, a shovel thing, sprinkles and six little pouches of powder stuff!

The big pouch had little cut here marks so we did and one half was kind of a mat for the donuts?
 The other half had instructions oh how to make a bear!
Man I wanted to make a bear.

Kanani discovered that if you peeled the big sticker off the back of the box there were lots of picture instructions under it!
And the very first step was to take our tray:
And cut it apart!

Now is was time to get down to business! Here are all the picture instructions for making the donuts:
It was actually really easy to figure out what we were supposed to do!

First we got a little bowl of water and used the scoop to fill up that space in the bottom of the tray:
Next we poured the yellow powder in:

And then Kanani said it was stirring time!
That little shovel is SO cute!

Kanani stirred and mixed and stirred until the powder and the water were all together and we could make balls:
We were supposed to make two even ones......I think we did good!

Next it was my turn with the chocolate:
I'll tell you right now that the vanilla dough smelled good but man this chocolate stuff smelled amazing! I wanted to eat it right out of the tray!

After I was all done stirring, Kanani helped me make two more balls and then we were ready to make our donuts!
All you have to do is push the dough around into the molds there:
And pop them out!
I saved the middle pieces to try and make a bear but it was really hard not to just eat them all up!

Finally it was time for the very best part. Decorating!
Those are all of the instructions for making the icing. You just poured the powders into the tray and mixed in a scoop of water each! It was hard not to accidentally mix the vanilla and strawberry together but we did a pretty good job.

That was all the pouches...or so we thought!
But then I found this purple one! We looked all over the box but didn't see any instructions for it.

So Kanani got brave and opened it and we found:
Cookie crumbles! We might have snuck a few of these before decorating.....

Here are all of our decorating things:

We had chocolate icing in the bag, the cookie crumbles, vanilla and strawberry icing and sprinkles!

You guys know how I feel about sprinkles.

This is what our decoration station looked like:
And then we got to work!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of the actual decorating! Mostly because my hands were covered in chocolate. But here they all are:
On top you have my bear and a chocolate donut with icing a sprinkles. Then on the bottom Kanani made the pink one with the dots and then there is a chocolate with icing, and cookie crumbles!

Donut close up:

I love all the different sprinkles!

They were.......kind of good? All the toppings were delicious! Especially the chocolate icing? We ate what was left of that right out of the bag! But the donuts were kind of squishy and really cold.......The dough tasted good though! I just think they would have been better warmer. Maybe!

The best part though was making them with my friend! Here we are with our creations:

Before they got gulped down!

I always love it when Kanani comes over! She's a really special friend :)

Oh! Before I go I wanted to give you guys and update on my catnip:
I've got lots of little seedlings!

I hope this was as fun for all of you as it was for us! Let me know if you still like these candy kits and we'll do another one! We still have a few choices including a bento box lunch. See you guys later!


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Monday, June 8, 2015

Meet Ringling!

Hi everybody! It's Callie and I have some really exciting news! The other day my dad left all alone for a while. Usually he doesn't do that... usually at least one of us goes or he asks if we want to. But he came home with a surprise and this time it was for me!

You see, in my family everyone gets their own pet when they're old enough and we are just reponsible for it. My parents help but it's something that's our very own. (Yes, our house is kind of crazy sometimes but we love it that way!) And I got mine!

This little Pomeranian! Daddy says Pomeranians are a lot like me in personality. I'm not sure if I should say thanks or what :P I had no idea he was coming so I didn't have a name picked out, but we get to name our pets whatever we want and after some debate my aunt suggested Ringling and that's what I've named him! After my favorite thing, the circus!

He's pretty small isn't he? I think he's super cute though! I'm pretty sure you could hear me squealing halfway across the world when I got him!

I have ordered a neck ruffle for him and he'll be a fun circus dog! So far I know that he's really playful and he has a lot of energy and he gets along with everyone in my family (and their pets too). He sleeps in my room and I love him SO much!

I think we're going to be best friends! And even though this is a super quick post I know you will see more pictures of Ringling in the future!


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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Planting a Garden!

 Hey guys, Wrennie here!
 And as you can see I've got a LOT of plants to plant!
We're starting our summer garden now! I love having a garden all summer. All these plants are really fun to take care of and I really like eating all the fresh tomatoes and herbs!

In the front we have four baskets hanging off our porch like this:
This one is full of sweet basil. We use this mostly to make spaghetti sauce!

This basket is full of oregano and rosemary:
The oregano is for sauce and the rosemary we use for roasts and potatoes!

We have lemon thyme and dill in this one:
I'm not sure what we're going to use the thyme for but the dill is for salad dressing!

And the last one is full of garlic chives:
These chives grew back from last year. I don't remember what was on the other side but we decided that we just wanted a whole basket of yummy chives!

So we needed another plant and here it is:
It's so little!

Much better now:
Don't worry little plant, you'll grow big soon! Sometimes I just pick off a chive to eat when I'm outside. They taste SO good!

We have four cherry/grape tomato plants right now.
The one in the black pot is a Husky Cherry Red tomato plant, and the one in the green pot is a Yellow Cherry tomato plant!

This plant with the dark leaves is an Indigo Rose tomato plant. We've never had one of those before!
And the last one here, with the yellow flowers is called a Tami G grape tomato plant.

All of them are pretty healthy right now I think!
The husky plant has flowers too.

And my indigo rose plant already has some little baby tomatoes!
I can't wait to see what they taste like.

We have some herbs in the back too. This one is my lavender plant:
It doesn't look like much yet but it smells awesome and just wait till it gets flowers!

We have three kinds of mint this year. This one is peppermint:

We also have a chocolate mint and this:
Is a spearmint plant! We have two. We want our mint to take over this whole flower bed! On the wood thing behind me we're going to put some vining flowers so you can't see our hose....or that bucket! Whoops, I guess I need to go put that up. Before we plant the flowers though, we have to finish putting bricks around the flowerbed so the mint doesn't try to kill them. I guess mint likes to take everything over and we're going to have to watch it!

I found a little wormy friend while I was digging:
My sister Chloe was NOT happy! But I think its super cute.

Right here is where my catnip is going to go:
But first we have to grow some!

We couldn't find any big plants of it anywhere so we had to buy some seeds:

They're going to grow in this pot:
Well I hope they grow anyway!

The back of the package has all sorts of info on it:
Did you know that catnip is a perennial? That means it comes back year after year! Not only do cats love it but bees do too and you can use it to make tea! It's a kind of mint.

These seeds sure are small:
 After I planted some I took my pot inside and gave them a good drink of water:
Keep your fingers crossed for me please :)

That's all of our plants for now! Oh! Did I mention we bought a new wind chime while we were out?
I think it looks like a jellyfish!

I hope you guys liked looking at all my plants! Maybe I'll do another post later in the summer after they all grow.
Say goodbye wormy friend! Don't worry, it got put back right where it was after this picture. Worms are a good thing to have in a garden. Bye for now!


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