Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Marisol got a new haircut, and meet our new friend Ruby!

Hi everybody, it's Callie again! Are you tired of me yet? I hope not.... ;)

The Olympics have started and Penny and I have been living in our leotards--well, not really; that would smell kind of funny I think!--but we have been loving everything! We spent some time practicing in the back yard today.

Penny is getting really good! I'm pretty proud of her!

While we were practicing though, our friend Marisol came over and guess what! SHE CHANGED HER HAIR!!

I was so excited I gave her a hug!! And then yelled for Merlin because I think her hair looks great and I wanted pictures.

Doesn't it look fantastic? I really think it suits her, and she'll be able to do lots of great hairstyles for dance, too. (I'm not sure though, is she allowed to have bangs or will she have to tie those back?)

I love this side braid that she had her hair styled in! Note to self: borrow this hairstyle ;)

I love this picture. I have to say that my baby brother is getting to be decent!!

While we were taking pics, our brand new friend Ruby heard the commotion and came over to say hey! I haven't introduced her yet, but guys, she made it home safely!

She wanted to know what was going on so I told her that Merlin was taking pictures, and since she hasn't even made an appearance on the blog yet (I know right?) that we needed photos of her too! She was happy to comply.

Ruby comes all the way from the New Orleans area. Her mom is Cajun, and her dad is Latino/Black from the US Virgin Islands. Ruby's family goes on vacation to St. Croix every year! She's adopted, which we think is really neat. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She's been hanging out with our friend Anne and her company over at Dreaming of Dolls, and she's really excited to join us here. She got to ride a train all alone!

Her hair!! I i just love it.

And her bright colors! Oh, she and I are going to get along really well.

I wanted a picture of my sister's awesome leotard.

She's so photogenic, I love it.

I hope that everyone's having a great wrap-up to the end of their summer! We still have lots of posts left to talk about, PLUS something very exciting coming up in just a couple of months! In the meantime, is everyone enjoying the Olympics? Our favorite sport is obviously gymnastics, but what's yours?



PS: Penny says I have to put one more picture of myself to make this entry fair.

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