Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gotta Catch What?

Hi everybody, Penny here!

It's time for the summer postcard exchange again and today we wanted to go out and take some pictures for our postcard! Last year, only Callie participated because I was still visiting Aunt Aggie in Texas with my cousin Chloe, but this year we're sending one together! I'm super excited.

Here's Callie's with one from last year!

We've been really busy this summer, so we felt really excited for the chance to get to connect with some of our online friends! Just as a sample, here's some of what we've been up to.

We planted a garden! This was from when we first put it in, but we got a really good yield from our small number of plants and it turns out that everything grew something really well. We have an eggplant, two zucchini plants, three roma tomato plants, an okra, and two bell peppers. We have never grown eggplant or okra so we weren't sure how it would turn out but it ended up being fine!

Besides the tomatoes, the bell pepper actually ended up being our favorite plant. It just smelled so good.

We saw live eagles! (still need to blog about this, callie....)

Trinity took a road trip to Dallas. She had lunch with some friends and then came back and told us all about it. She brought us a couple of souvenir cups and saucers too! She's a big food person and she runs a food blog, so she was pretty eager to judge the food at the restaurant. She said it was cute and that they went out of their way to make it look special!

AND we got caught in a really scary storm that knocked out our power for a couple of days. It got realy hot after the storm and it was pretty miserable for us.

AND we have a new friend coming to join us! This is Ruby. We've been pen-palling for a while so we're super excited to get to show her around. Right now, she's hanging out with our friends Anne, Zia, Nani, their big person Beth, and the whole crew of their friends over at Dreaming of Dolls. She says she's having a blast and that she gets to see the circus town. We're SUPER jealous, but we're glad she's having a nice time!

So today we got up so we could go take some pictures at the river nearby, but we ran into a problem. There weren't any parking spots!!

these are pictures from the same river! We thought we'd go there again.
There aren't very many to begin with because here, there are small areas a few miles apart all along the riverbank, and people bike or run on the trails that travel along beside the river. It's very pretty, but usually we see one guy with a bike and maybe a couple of joggers. Today, there weren't any spots anywhere, and the riverwalk was packed with people all staring at their phones, getting excited over things that they could only see in their cell phone cameras, and muttering that they had to catch everything.

Catch what?? We had no idea! So we went to another park nearby with some pretty landscapes that's usually pretty empty:

Wouldn't that make a nice postcard? But it was packed too! With people doing the same thing!!

I know we sound kind of mad about it. We're not. There's been a lot of nasty going on in the world lately that makes us and our friends very sad. We stood and watched these people walking around, looking for their invisible little creatures, using all of these public places the way they were supposed to be used--and most importantly, they were so nice to each other, talking to each other even though it was pretty obvious they'd never even met. Laughing, getting along. It was really nice to see when we've had so much hate shoved down our throats lately.

So we asked our uncle what was going on and he explained Pokémon to us and now we're kind of totally into it.

We're making it a family game since we're all a little young to go roaming around by ourselves, and we're really enjoying seeing what the game leads us to see!

And by the way, we did finally find a place to take a picture for a postcard! Here's one we didn't use :)

We can't wait to see everyone's! 



  1. I look forward to seeing your postcard!

    1. We're excited to hear you're participating! :D